One. Single. Price.


Every single vehicle we sell has one, single price.  We don't add "doc fees," advertising fees, dealer preparation fees or delivery fees.  Our price includes three elements: 1). vehicle value, 2). tax and 3). title fee.  That's it.  Nothing more.  The price you see in our listings is the final asking price.  Of course, prices are always negotiable, but we will have to add tax and title fees back into the new, negotiated price.


We strive to list all our inventory below "retail."  We utilize multiple sources to determine the value of our vehicles including Kelly Blue Book, NADA, Edmunds, Hagerty and also search various national auction sites.  Our goal isn't to put you under-water in your investment, that's just bad business.     


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    Providing left-hand-drive diesels for the US market.

    We make owning an imported diesel easy and help keep your investment running for as long as you own it.